Laetitia Macedo

Veterinary Assistant

After graduating high school, I moved up to Kamloops to further my education. I have almost completed my Bachelor of Science, but have decided to take a temporary break and spend more time working in the animal industry.
I was raised with dogs and cats but it was in November of 2017 when I found my passion and began rescuing animals. During the heat wave and fires I had ended up with over 100 animals in my care, majority of them coming from families who evacuated and had to leave their pets behind.
After spending the past 5 years rescuing on and off, I decided to join the vet world. I now currently have about 50 permanent animal residence in my care, including 4 amazing cats named Cleo, Ash, Tigger, and Chewy, and 2 beautiful dogs named Nawla and Oakley. Since working here, I have discovered I really love learning about animal nutrition, and taking part in emergency care and surgeries.