Michaela Mann

Veterinary Assistant

Hello there! My name is Michaela. I graduated in 2016 from the Health Care Assistant program and worked as a registered health care assistant for 6 years; however, I have always loved and cared for animals all my life, and I knew that was my calling.
I decided to take a chance and apply to the Twin Rivers Animal Hospital. I am so happy I made that decision. This hospital has completely changed the way I look at life. There is always an animal to be helped, and I am so honored to be able to dedicate my entire life to animals.I am mostly interested in preparing medications for patients and assisting clients with finding the right food for their special furry friend, but most of all I love being there emotionally for the animals while they are at the hospital. I believe the animals experience is vital to the outcome of treatment, and I take pride in my ability to calm animals and allow them to accept treatments being performed on them.The part I love the most about my clinic is how everyone works as a team and is understanding. They are always willing to help and answer questions, and you always know the animals are in good hands. I love that the clinic is big enough to support a large client load every day and there is room for many animals at one time to effectively care for and treat as many as possible.Most of all I can’t forget to mention Dr. Iceman and Dr. Maverick, our excellent clinic cats who are always supporting our clients when they are needing it the most. They are a very key part of the clinic and without them it simply wouldn’t be the same!A fun fact about me is that I have 3 cats of my own, David, Karen and Nugget. They are everything to me and now I can be with cats every minute of the day!!!