3 Tips for Dealing with Dogs with Cancer

Having a dog with cancer can be difficult for a pet parent. With fifty percent of dogs diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime, pet parents need to understand how to deal with the situation. Many dogs still go on to live healthy and happy lives. Keep reading to learn how to deal with your dog having cancer.

Make sure to trust yourself
Other people around you may be giving you advice. Some of the advice may be good, but no one is sitting in your exact situation. Do what is right for you, your family, and your dog. Many families decide to put their dog down shortly after they find out the diagnosis so that the dog does not suffer at all; others will give pay for treatment.

Trust the vet
When you are at the vet finding out about cancer, make sure that you listen and ask questions. The vet is going to be your number one source of knowledge. Although it may be your first instinct to go home and Google everything, your vet will know the exact severity of your particular situation.

Understand your options
The vet will go over your options with you. Be prepared for these options no matter how small or large they may be. Although you do not ever want to say goodbye to your furry friend, you also want what is best for them.

Dealing with a dog with cancer can be a very sad time in an owner’s life. Remember that there are options and that cancer is not always life-threatening to a dog. If you are seeing any unusual symptoms in your dog, make sure that you bring him or her in for a checkup.

If you have any additional questions about dogs with cancer, contact us today.