What to do When Travelling with a Pet

Travelling can be a blast. You are experiencing new places and seeing new things. One question that comes to every dog owner’s mind when making travel plans is, what am I going to do with my pet? Although bringing a pet may be a little bit more work, it can also make for a more […]

Can we make our pets live longer?

Our pets become members of our family very soon after we get them. We celebrate so many special occasions with them right by our side, it’s no wonder we want them to live forever! Although dogs will live to be around ten to thirteen years old, there are many things that owners can do to […]

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dog

Choosing a dog can be a big decision for your family. You are welcoming a new member into your family! There are a lot of factors that you should take into account when trying to pick the perfect dog. Keep reading to find out how to choose!

3 Tips for Dealing with Dogs with Cancer

Having a dog with cancer can be difficult for a pet parent. With fifty percent of dogs diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime, pet parents need to understand how to deal with the situation. Many dogs still go on to live healthy and happy lives. Keep reading to learn how to deal […]