Can we make our pets live longer?

Our pets become members of our family very soon after we get them. We celebrate so many special occasions with them right by our side, it’s no wonder we want them to live forever! Although dogs will live to be around ten to thirteen years old, there are many things that owners can do to help them live as long as possible.

The first thing that you can do is help improve your pet’s health through proper nutrition. Just like in humans, nutrition plays a big role in the health and life expectancy of dogs. Although it can be easy to quickly slip your dog some food every once in a while from your plate, dogs are not actually meant to have human food, so make sure that you avoid this. Some meats and vegetables are completely healthy for dogs, so if you want to treat them to a yummy meal, make sure that you do your homework.

It is important that your dog receives plenty of exercise every single day. Some people may not realize that a dog should get thirty minutes of exercise daily, but this is very important. Remember that when you are gone, your dog is typically just sleeping. Many dogs are not very active when their owners are gone. Then the night comes around and you both sleep throughout the whole night. So guess what? Your dog slept most of the twenty-four hours in that day! This is why it is so important to exercise your dog daily.

A regular check-up from your vet can make sure that your dog is healthy. If you bring your dog in and the vet finds anything unusual or sees any red flags, you will be able to get it taken care of right away. If you do not bring your dog to the vet often, that red flag could turn into something more serious that will be harder to treat or possibly not curable.

Although dogs do not live as long as people do, it’s good to know that there are some things owners can do to help them live as long as they possibly can. By doing things like keeping them healthy and making sure that they are receiving plenty of exercise, owners will help prevent disease as well.

If you want to learn more about how you can help your dog live a long and happy life, contact us today!