What to do When Travelling with a Pet

Travelling can be a blast. You are experiencing new places and seeing new things. One question that comes to every dog owner’s mind when making travel plans is, what am I going to do with my pet? Although bringing a pet may be a little bit more work, it can also make for a more fun travel experience.

Medical Records
When you are travelling to another country it is important to have all of your dog’s medical records with you. Make sure that you see your vet prior to travelling so that he or she can update any records and have any important paperwork for your pet ready. If there are any issues, your vet will know of any vaccinations prior to the trip.

Bring Toys
Although dogs may be put on medication to help them sleep, that does not mean that they will be sleeping the entire time. Make sure that you leave toys in their crate with them in case they wake up and are bored. Also, leaving toys that smell like you will give them a feeling of security.

Don’t Show Emotion
Your dog will be able to sense your emotions. If you are feeling sad or have anxiety when you are saying goodbye to them prior to getting on the plane, they will be able to sense it and get anxious too. Have confidence when you say goodbye to your dog and try not to make too big of a deal out of it.

Exercise First
Although the length of plane rides can vary, it’s important that you exercise your dog prior to putting them into a crate. Dogs will be a lot happier if they have gone to the restroom and feel tired when they are in their crate for a number of hours.

Travelling with a dog can be a little bit extra work; however, if you take the proper steps, it will go smoothly and you will be able to enjoy the company of your animal while on vacation.

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