Arthritis Services

Growing is a necessary part of living. But living in pain doesn’t have to be your pet’s reality. As your pet gets older, their day-to-day pursuits of happiness may become more cumbersome and more painful. Even though there’s no cure for arthritis, our veterinarians can still create a treatment plan that can alleviate any pain your pet might be experiencing. To learn more about our arthritis treatments, call us at 250-828-2939.

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How do I know if my pet has arthritis?

Pets may exhibit different signs of arthritis. Some may hide it better than others, while others may openly show reluctance to do certain tasks that cause them discomfort. The best way to know is to bring them in for a visit with one of our veterinarians. Some common signs to look for include:

  • Walking awkwardly or limping
  • Difficulty jumping up or down
  • Stiff or swollen joints
  • Wincing when touched
  • Increased aggression towards people or other pets

How does arthritis affect my pet?

As your pet ages, the cartilage between their bones starts to wear away. This can cause their bones to rub together, causing pain and inflammation. This can make it harder for your pet to continue their day-to-day activities. They might start to avoid the stairs or jumping onto their favourite spot on the couch. Their behaviour might also become more irritable. To help reduce their symptoms, we may prescribe medication, rehabilitation, or exercises. Building a ramp or making their water and food bowls more accessible are also great ways to help manage their pain. 

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