Ultrasound and X-ray

Ultrasounds and X-rays help us better understand what might be invisible to the naked eye at first. With our in-house radiology, we can accurately diagnose and treat any symptoms or illnesses your pet may be experiencing. To learn more about our diagnostic tools, please don’t hesitate to call us at

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What is the difference between an X-ray and an ultrasound?

When our veterinarians need to get a closer look at your pet’s internal structure, we might take an X-ray. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to produce a visual image that allows us to diagnose changes to your loyal companion’s organs, bones, or teeth. This can be an effective diagnostic tool to detect any tumours, fractures, or swallowed items. But not all internal organs show up well on X-rays. For soft-tissue organs, we usually use an ultrasound. Ultrasounds use a beam of high-frequency sound waves that allow us to examine organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. This can be helpful when diagnosing cysts, tumours, or pregnancies.

Are X-rays and ultrasounds safe for my pet?

As non-invasive imaging techniques, all our diagnostic tools are completely safe and painless for your pet. We also offer digital technology, which helps ensure your pet is exposed to less radiation. If your pet is feeling anxious or is experiencing any pain, we may sedate them. Our team will ensure that your pet feels calm and comfortable throughout the process.

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